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Major Back Issues

"Let me start by saying that I VERY RARELY write testimonials because my standards are very high. My daughter has been dealing with major back issues off and on for over 2 years. She has seen many Dr.'s, therapists, acupuncturists etc.... After examining her during her first visit, Dr. Eidsvig new right away that her back issues were related to issues in her hip. She is doing so much better and on the road to recovery, which will include surgery. We are so thankful we finally found Dr. Eidsvig! He is a very caring, thorough and compassionate Dr. who who treats his patients as if they were his own children."

Andrea B.
Lower Back Scar Tissue

"After a near fatal cycling accident, I was left stiff, sore, and with limited mobility in my back and legs. Dr. Eidsvig worked on the scar tissue in my lower back and sciatic nerve. When I started with Dr. Eidsvig I could hardly bend over, now I can put my knuckles on the floor. Surgeons told me I would never be pain free or run or ride a bike again, but dr. Eidsvig treated me like an athlete and now Thanks to Dr. Eidsvig, I am well on my way to getting my quality of life completely back."

Jessica C.
Couldn't Play Golf

"For four months I couldn't play golf. I went to doctors did exercises, took steroids and physical therapy and had MRIs and injections. But still no real progress. Then I meet you in mid October, we had an evaluation followed by a couple treatments. It made all the difference in the world. I'm pleased to say I'm back playing golf. I thought I would have to give up the game I love but your technique / treatments brought me back. Thank you...thank you!!! I should have gone to you first... would have saved a lot of time, money and stress."

Dale H.
Chronic Pain

"After years of debilitating chronic pain from breast cancer surgeries and sports injuries, Dr. Jeff gave me hope again! I had seen countless other specialists and spent thousands of dollars, and received only temporary pain relief, if any. My pain was better after one visit with Dr. Jeff and after a few visits the pain is totally gone. He gave me my life back. My first call after any injury is to Dr. Jeff. He treats my extended family and their friends as well. I could never say enough about him!"

Diane B.
Numbness in My Wrist

"Dr. Eidsvig treated my wrist where I had scar tissue build up from a car accident that led to surgery. After the first visit, I could tell a difference! I was able to move my wrist more and the numbness was going away. I was treated for about three weeks and my wrist now feels normal again! Thanks Dr. Eidsvig for all that you did for me!"

Nicole E.
Shin Stress Fracture

"Stress fracture gone in one week? Who knew? I’m a runner who suffered a stress fracture in my shin. It was so painful I could barely walk without suffering. I turned to Dr. Eidsvig for help and he used world-class laser technology to treat the area. The treatments were quick and easy and, after only two of them in just one week, I had zero pain and could jog without feeling the slightest bit of tenderness. It’s amazing!"

Nikki S.
Low Back Pain

"For three years I suffered from lower back pain. It affected how I slept, how I played with my children, and the overall quality of my life. During my first visit, Dr. Eidsvig sat down and truly listened to what I was experiencing. He not only listened; but educated me on why I was suffering and how he was going to stop it. Willow Bend Sports & Spine Center gave me back my life!"

Emilio D.
Knee Pain and Shin Splints

"I have always liked to run but couldn’t do it without knee and shin pain. Dr. Jeff got me into custom orthotics, which felt great, but I still had the pain. He went outside with me during one of my appointments to see how I was running and discovered I was landing on my heels instead of the balls of my feet. He showed me how to correctly position my body and how to land correctly – I am now running pain free."

Jeff M.
Running Pain Free

"I have always liked to run but couldn’t do it without knee and shin pain. Dr. Jeff got me into custom orthotics, which felt great, but I still had the pain. He went outside with me during one of my appointments to see how I was running and discovered I was landing on my heels instead of the balls of my feet. He showed me how to correctly position my body and how to land correctly. I am now running pain free (not much, but going a little further every time). Dr. Jeff is AWESOME!"

Tracy N.
Back and Hip Pain

"I have been trying to find relief for my lower back pain for years, and it wasn't until I finally made the decision to see Dr. Eidsvig. For years I struggled with back pain, hip pain, and problems with what I thought was my patellar tendon in my knee. I have seen multiple chiropractors that always treated my lower back with adjustments and even tried physical therapy for my knee. Granted, I'm only 27.

Everything changed and it was almost like I witnessed a miracle after my first appointment. Dr. Eidsvig mentioned I have scar tissue throughout my muscles in my hips and thighs, and that was immobilizing my hips, thus creating lower back tension because my hips were not rotating properly. It's been a challenge for me to bend down to touch my toes for years, and I am not exceptionally tall nor even close to being overweight.

Not until today, only my third appointment! I was able to bend down and touch the floor after seeing him today. He has not only been breaking up the scar tissue in my hips but also in my foot where I had bunionectomy when I was 18. The scar tissue in my foot from the surgery has built up so much over the years that there isn't full movement in my big toe. From breaking that apart too I feel like I am walking evenly. I mentioned to him that I can feel blood flow in my lower back, and walking to my car after my appointment today I can literally feel my hips moving as I walk. INCREDIBLE! Thanks to Dr. Eidsvig and his amazing staff!!"

Jackie H.
Ran Half Marathon Pain Free For the
First Time This Year!

"I just wanted to thank Dr. Eidsvig because today I ran a half marathon pain-free for the first time this year! When I first came to Willow Bend Sports & Spine Center a few months ago I was having shin pain that would stop me from running. I thought it was shin splints but Dr. Eidsvig diagnosed me as having fascia herniation of my shins. Within just a few treatments and a laser heat treatment I was already starting to feel better! I also was having chronic IT band issues on my right side. Months of pain, GONE! I ran today's half marathon and have had no pain whatsoever in my shins and my IT band today isn’t even sore hours later! Treatment with Dr. Eidsvig is fast and effective and I recommend him to everyone I know! Thank you so much!"

Tammy C.
Back Pain Free

"At age 31, I thought I would never be pain free with my back issues. I have two small children and needed to be able to care for them. I was told that I needed back surgery but decided to give Dr. Eidsvig a try. After one appointment, I was feeling better than I had in months. I was able to move without pain. After being told by previous doctors, I would not be pain free, I am! It is all because of the wonderful care and treatment of Dr. Eidsvig."

Angela C.
Seronegative Spondyloarthropathies

"There are many days that I have suffered in the last 15 months in pain. Through the pain – my treatment began with two other chiropractors for a period of eight months. Suffering in pain seemed to be the norm for me. Then Jeff was referred to me by one of the most trusted doctors who treats me for my Spondyloarthropathies. This has been a Godsend blessing for me. The compassion and kindness that Jeff and his staff have is truly beyond belief. They have set the standard of care at a level that no Chiropractor or staff could ever reach.

Being knock kneed and pigeon toed there was never a thought this could cause me pain later in life (mid 40's). Dr. Jeff has so many treatments that have truly relieved my suffering, but one of the most amazing things that has provided outstanding relief has been my custom orthotics. For the first time in my life I stand and feel my weight EVENLY ON MY FEET and my feet are straight. My knees stopped knocking. I stand taller. My shoulders are back. This is what should have been noticed before. POSTURE is key for my pain relief. Before orthotics, my body weight was on the inside of my arch and foot, which caused more pain on my joints. Dr. Jeff, you are AMAZING and your touch has given me mobility I never thought I would ever had back. Thank you for your encouragement and being obedient to what we all know is a God-Given Gift. May God continue to bless you and your staff"

Melinda C.
Shoulder Pain

"I want to thank Dr. Eidsvig for helping me with my recent shoulder pain. The treatments eased the pain and the advice about posture and strengthening exercises have helped further prevent flare-ups. Dr. Eidsvig really listens to me and he always makes me feel right at home. The office is very nice and the staff is extremely polite and helpful. Thanks for everything!"

Heidi H.
Got Me Back on the Tennis Court

"After years of competitive tennis, I tore my ACL and basically destroyed my lower back. Post knee surgery, Dr. Eidsvig used LiteCure laser therapy combined with other treatments to help me heal quickly so I could get back on the court. He always makes my back feel better after a match. Dr. Eidsvig is truly talented with a special understanding of sports pain and injuries. Thanks for everything."

Jeremy H.
Debilitating Migraine Headaches

"I am an attorney here in Dallas who has suffered severely with debilitating migraines since I was a teenager. I have been to countless doctors and tried numerous medications and nothing seemed to work. I was beginning to think I would have to suffer in severe pain for the rest of my life…that is until I met Dr. Eidsvig who simply refused to allow me to continue to suffer and took me under his wing to figure out how to help me.

I have never felt more cared for and honored by any doctor and his staff in my life! After months of trying different methods of treatment, I am finally on the road to getting my life back! I feel better than I have in years, and I feel so incredibly blessed to have found such an amazing and dedicated doctor in Dr. Eidsvig!!! He has forever changed my life and I will be eternally grateful."

Alicia P.
No More Arm Pain and Best
Pitching This Year

"My 14 year old son was experiencing arm and shoulder pain during and after pitching. Dr. Jeff explained the scar tissue was from overuse over the years and after two treatments he felt 100% better. No more pain and his coach told him on his first outing after his treatment that it was his best pitching this year. I could hear parents talking during the game that it looked as if he was pitching at least 5-6 mph harder. I asked him after the game and he was not trying to throw harder at all but could tell the ball was just flying out of his hand. AMAZING! More than half our team has seen or will be seeing Dr. Jeff."

Jennifer M.
12 Miles and 28 Obstacles

"12 Miles and 28 Obstacles. Probably the toughest on the planet and I smashed it in 3.5 hours. I couldn’t have done it without you! Getting through the training without giving up from pain was the hardest part. Once I was able to physically continue working out, the rest was just will power. THANKS SO MUCH for helping my body get through this!"

Melissa C.
Neck and Arm Pain Gone

"Jeff saw me on his day off because I was having so much pain in my neck and arm. He treated me, set me up for an MRI, referred me to the pain management clinic and, within three days, I am now pain free. I cannot say enough good things about Jeff and I will recommend him to everyone!"

Jim F.
Tennis Elbow Pain Gone

"I have been fighting "Tennis Elbow" for over ten years and have tried almost everything with no success - until recently. I've tried special exercises, Chiropractic treatments, Cortisone shots, Prolotherapy, Acupuncture, you name it. It became apparent that the only alternative was to either stop playing tennis or have surgery. Just prior to selecting surgery, I searched the Internet and came across Dr. Jeff Eidsvig's office and within just a couple of visits, I was playing tennis once again (Pain Free) for the first time in many years. It really feels like it was a miracle cure. After seeing such quick and great results, I then had Dr. Eidsvig work on both my Achilles and my right knee since they too were causing pain due to extensive tennis activity through the years. Both my Achilles and knee improved significantly. I feel like a 35 year old now, even though I'm 54. Don't wait any longer, JUST DO IT!! Call Dr. Eidsvig's office and have him alleviate your tennis elbow pain now... as it surely worked for me."

Larry K.
Auto Accident

"I was injured in an auto accident three years ago and have seen three different doctors for my shoulder and back pain before coming to Willow Bend Sports & Spine Center. Over the course of the last two years, I was not seeing any improvements in reducing my pain. One doctor even told me the pain was in my head and I was imagining it! My decision to come to Dr. Eidsvig was the BEST thing I have done for myself in the past three years. I wish I had come to him right after my accident. After just two visits, Dr. Eidsvig was able to break up the scar tissue that had formed in my shoulder blade, and restore full range of motion to my right arm using a combination of techniques. I can now raise my arm and touch my head, I am so happy! Prior to my first visit at Willow Bend Sports & Spine Center, I would only raise my arm 75% of the way to my head. Dr. Eidsvig’s use of cutting edge techniques, Lite Cure or “Hot” Laser Therapy has really helped to relive my pain and restore range of motion to my shoulder.

Today, I am virtually PAIN FREE for the first time in three years. I cannot thank Dr. Eidsvig and the staff at Willow Bend Sports & Spine Center enough for all they have done for me. If you are thinking of getting a second opinion, or fourth in my case, or you are just deciding on a center for the first time, do not hesitate; look no further than Willow Bend Sports & Spine Center, you will not regret seeing Dr. Eidsvig and his friendly staff!!! "

Jamie N.
Painful Knot in Back

"Thanks to Dr. Jeff for breaking up that horrible, painful, back knot and stretching my leg to Frisco. I feel great! You have allowed me to live, work, and enjoy my life!! I can’t thank you enough for all you do! You are making my late 50’s enjoyable and work doable!"

Injured My Lower Back

"I was on the floor playing with my grandkids and painfully discovered it was very hard to get up off the floor. I had injured my lower back. I could not sleep and it was painful to walk. I made an appointment with Dr. Jeff on Tuesday, and before I left his office I was bending over and touching the floor! I did a follow up appointment on Friday and I haven’t had any pain since. Dr. Eidsvig and his staff are my heroes... and my twin two year old grandsons are really glad too."

Russ O.
Regained Range of Motion

"I want to thank Dr. Jeff Eidsvig and his team for the exceptional level of service and professionalism they continue to provide. As a rugby player in college, I experienced a number of challenging injuries and several resulting surgeries that severely limited my ability to do everything from working out to sleeping. After working with Dr. Eidsvig, my pain is gone and his services helped me regain and even improve my range of motion and strength levels. Six months ago I could barely throw a football. Today, I am not only training for triathlons, I’m in better shape than I was in high school! I can’t praise Willow Bend enough!!"

Corey E.
Pain Went From a 10 to a 2 in No Time

"After nine months of back pain, I was referred to Dr. Eidsvig. He spent a lot of time asking questions, listening to my concerns, and asking me to lunge, bend, etc. He isolated the problem and noticed things other doctors had missed (flat arches) that contributed to my problems. Dr. Eidsvig made some recommendations, did therapies, and deep tissue work that took my pain from a 10 to a 2 in no time. I would highly recommend him and his staff. Great job!"

Debbie Y.
Pulled Calf Muscle

"I suffered a pulled calf muscle which set me back from running. I went to see Dr. Eidsvig who was really fantastic. He fixed up my calf muscle with a few treatments and soon I was back to running again with my new orthotics (which have been the best thing ever!)."

Diane R.

"Recently I saw Dr. Eidsvig again as I had suffered a severe Vertigo attack which left me light-headed for two weeks. Dr. Eidsvig did an adjustment on my neck and amazingly enough my dizziness disappeared. I have been fine ever since. Thank you, Dr. Eidsvig, you have been amazing!"

Diane R.
Knee Swelling

"I just wanted to let you know now that I’ve completed several treatment sessions with you and have been fitted with custom orthotics, I have experienced significant improvement in my knee. Prior to the treatment, I had regular swelling in my knee whenever I would exercise for an extended period of time. Now I can follow my normal exercise routine without having this issue.

This is an absolutely excellent result for me and has significantly improved my quality of life. A sincere ‘Thank you!’ Dr. Jeff for your support and treatment. I am amazed at the success and greatly appreciate all you have done."

Tom F.
Back Injury at Gym

"Injured my back at the gym, had three treatments with Dr. Eidsvig. No more pain. Thanks Dr. Eidsvig."

Verna V.
Rheumatoid-Like Arthritis Pain in My
Hand, Arm, Feet and Hip Virtually Gone

"Dr. Jeff has always made me feel he cared about me, how I was doing, and what he could do to help me. I came in with pain in more places on my body than not. Through a variety of treatments, my constant hand/arm and feet to hip pain is virtually gone. With the custom made orthotics and good tennis shoes I finally have support for my ‘foundation’. I’ve been in pain for years and thought that I would always be restricted in my movement and activities and unable to enjoy my young grandsons. What a relief and a tremendous joy to report that is NOT my story! Dr. Jeff’s positive and whole body approach has changed my life. I highly recommend Dr. Eidsvig."

Toni C.
Torn Meniscus

"Jeff helped me get my life back. For nearly a year, I was unable to engage in any physical activities after I blew out my meniscus playing basketball. The first doctor I went to told me injuries like mine can’t be healed due to lack of blood flow to the joint and that getting arthroscopic surgery was my only bet. The second Dr. I went to made me wait over an hour so I took back my money and left without seeing him. Eventually, I ran into Dr. Eidsvig. Jeff works with me, figures out what went wrong, why, and addresses my underlying problem. (Turns out it was my feet – I pronate.) He gets me into some fancy orthotics and after a few sessions involving laser therapy he gets me up and running…literally! My bursitis is gone, my pain has dropped significantly, my entire knee has been fixed, and though the tear still remains, I can now run like the wind... and i didn't need any surgery! I'm not exaggerating, this man knows stuff and he knows how to take care of business."

Faisal R.
Severe Headaches and Neck
Pain Under Control

"After years of bad habits and neglect to my neck and shoulder; I began to have severe headaches and neck pain. After an MRI, I was diagnosed with stenosis in my neck as well. Dr. Eidsvig, over the last several months of treatment, has been able to get my headaches and neck pain under control. Then, during one treatment, I asked him to look at my ankle; it had been hurting me and now after a couple of treatments this pain too has gone away! Dr. Eidsvig has really taken the time to get to know me and listen to me; to know how to best proceed with a treatment plan. I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me and I have and will continue to refer my family and friends to you! You are the BEST!"

Helen V.
Bulging Disc

"Thank you so much Dr. Eidsvig. Without your treatments and guidance, I would have continued to suffer from my lower back injury (disc bulge). For those of you who have received numerous treatments from Chiropractors to no avail, have no fear; I happened to be in the same position earlier this year. However, everything changed after my first appointment with Dr. Eidsvig. His understanding of spine physiology is top-notch, and the same can be said of his state-of-the-art therapeutic devices. Never in my life have I had a doctor who was so dedicated to fixing my ailments."

Vivek N.
Dr. Eidsvig Listens

"Dr. Jeff Eidsvig has been treating me for five years. Because of his understanding of lower back and leg pain, he has kept me active in my career, and my hobby of chasing after WWII aircrafts! His sense of pain awareness, his great patient skills, and ability to educate me on how to handle my ongoing pains (which includes relief!) is a blessing and motivates me to be more active than I have been in years! Listen to your doctor!"

Pat W.
Pain Level Substantially Reduced

"I can’t say enough good things about Willow Bend Sports & Spine Center. Before I began going to Willow Bend, I had been experiencing pains so severe in my back and shoulders that it interfered with my ability to work, sleep and enjoy any sort of athletic activity whatsoever. I was in constant, daily agony. After even my first visit with Dr. Eidsvig, I noticed a substantial reduction in my pain levels. What was even better – Dr. Eidsvig took the time to actually explain to me what was wrong. We took x-rays and actually discussed WHY I had the pains I did, AND what I could do day to day to help reduce and alleviate the pain.

Dr. Eidsvig incorporates a total body approach to health; and uses techniques that are tailored to the specific needs of every patient. He takes the time to really learn about his patients so as to provide them the best care possible. After only a few visits, I was back in the gym, sleeping better, feeling strong, and enjoying a healthier and happier quality of life than I can remember in YEARS! I just really enjoy going to Willow Bend Sports & Spine Center. I don’t feel like I am going to the doctor, I feel like I am going to the spa!"

Katie S.
Dr. Eidsvig Cares

"The care I receive from Dr. Eidsvig is top notch. A week prior to running the “Warrior Dash” (a 3.5 mile trail race with obstacles), a nagging injury to my ankle was flaring up due to a strenuous training schedule. Dr. Eidsvig used state-of-the-art therapy to treat my ankle and I was virtually pain free on race day without having to receive any sort of injection! I genuinely recommend Dr. Eidsvig to anyone seeking treatment for an injury or preventative care. Dr. Eidsvig and his staff honestly care about each individual they treat and it shows!"

Andrew S.
Non-Traditional Techniques

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Jeff and his staff. He will completely fix whatever is ailing you using a very non-traditional technique. He also now has a massage therapist."

Jennifer Y.
Partial Torn Achilles with
Acute Tendon-Ties

"Saw Dr. Eidsvig based on a recommendation from a fellow co-worker. I had a partial torn Achilles with acute tendonitis. I could only walk a short distance without experiencing a fairly high degree of pain. I had previously seen a foot and ankle surgeon and he had recommended surgery with my leg being in a cast for around two months. Dr. Eidsvig used a procedure where he broke down the scar tissue over a period of about ten visits and at the end of the process; I had NO PAIN in my ankle and was able to walk without any pain. I have to say that I have on occasion seen other chiropractors and found them lacking. Maybe it was that I went to see Dr. Eidsvig with a very specific problem; but he addressed the issue, explained what he was going to do, explained what I could expect as an outcome, and he delivered."

Marc D.
Dr. Eidsvig Truly Cares

"I had a wonderful experience here! Staff was super friendly and helpful to me. Dr. Eidsvig really took the time to listen carefully to my issue, explain the cause of my pain, and outline his treatment plan. I felt like he truly cared about solving the problem, not just selling me a ton of visits."

Michelle E.
Cross Fit Athlete

"Dr. Eidsvig is a triathlete and frequent golfer and understands sports injuries better than any chiropractors and orthopedic doctors I've been to. He takes the time (even draws on a white board) to explain your injury and his plan of attack on how to get you better. I'm a Cross Fit athlete and Dr. Eidsvig takes the time and has awesome technology (laser lite cure, hyperbaric chamber, to name a few) to speed up my recovery and healing process! Most highly recommended!"

Bob R.
Fixed My Lower Back Pain

"I have been to several doctors and physical therapists regarding lower back pain but Dr. Eidsvig is the first to address and fix it. I would highly recommend him."

Susan S.
Knee Pain

"Let me start by saying Dr. Eidsvig is a miracle worker. I am a cross fitter, swimmer and, all around athletic person. During a cross fit workout my right patella tendon started hurting very bad jumping rope, so much so that I had to stop because it felt like a knife was stabbing into my knee. After this I noticed I could not jump, run, or do any activity other than walking. Even walking up a set of stairs was painful. I suffered for weeks. I thought nothing would help so I went to a Orthopedic Surgeon who for $300 took a couple x-rays and told me to try a brace for 3 weeks then come back and pay another $300 for a follow up appointment. I went and bought the brace and of course it didn't help. The next week I saw Dr. Eidsvig. Within minutes of talking to him he knew what the issue was and began treatment. Unlike the surgeon, Dr. Eidsvig knew the problem was a build up of scar tissue (I dislocate my knee frequently because of an injury in High School) and now, 3 weeks later, I am back to full capacity on my knee when I thought I would have to have serious surgery and even stop cross fit. Dr. Eidsvig has so much knowledge that other chiropractors just do not have. He does not treat symptoms, he solves the problem and I couldn't be happier. If you need a chiropractor, look no further than Dr. Eidsvig."

Josh J.
Felt Better Than I Have in 18 Years!

"I have been fighting a knee injury for years. After multiple surgeries, physical therapists, acupuncturists…you name it, I finally found Dr. Eidsvig. Honestly, I had all but given up hope of having a pain free life, losing weight, and keeping up with my three small children. With just two treatments, I felt better than I have in 18 years. I can move freely and more importantly, pain free! This has been life changing for me! I would highly recommend it."

Amie B.
Best Massage Therapist
I've Ever Experienced

"I am probably the pickiest client when it comes to massages and am very hard to please, but Erica is literally the very best massage therapist I've ever experienced! She's a attentive and specific, hit all the right spots in all the right ways, perfect pressure, just wonderful all around."

Erica Keeps Me Up and Running

"As a self-employed business owner taking night classes and participating in Ironman® triathlons; I’m on my feet all day, under significant stress and often neglectful of maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Erica is a critical component in keeping me up and running through whatever life throws at me. For me, her services aren’t a luxury, they’re required preventative maintenance. I could not imagine the shape I’d be in without regular visits."

Effective Working Out Tight Muscles

"I received a massage from Erica about a year ago while visiting my daughter and her family. Erica was quite professional and effective at working out my tight muscles. I would recommend her highly."

Incredibly Knowledgeable
Massage Therapist

"Erica is incredibly knowledgeable regarding muscles, tendons and how they work in conjunction with the body. I live a very busy life and after a stressful week, and an hour massage with Erica my body is feels rested and relaxed!"

Chronic Lower Left Back Pain

"I have had a chronic lower back problem for years and other chiropractors would treat me with manipulation without figuring out the cause. Dr. Eidsvig looked for the cause and determined that I had a muscle imbalance due to my gate and needed orthotics. This diagnosis has me walking without any pain."

James H.
Neck Pain Relief

"I was having some serious neck pain and Dr. Eidsvig was recommended to me. He determined that I had a lot of scar tissue from a car accident I was in over a decade prior. I just thought it was something I had to deal with. He did a procedure to break down the scar tissue and I was feeling relief after the first treatment. I have seen 3 times and my range of motion is amazing, back to normal! He is all about healing you, not about keeping you dependent on treatments."

Prior Injuries for Active Athlete

"In my opinion i've finally found a chiropractor who solves problems instead of trying to get me on a recurring program. I'm very active: cyclist, skier, travel. Had a lot of stresses lately too. These caused various pains I thought were due to old injuries and not fixable. Needless to say, Dr. Eidsvig fixed them. He gets you in to the office to solve problems and then sends you on your way, healed."

Avoided Surgery for Torn Achilles

"I saw Dr. Eidsvig based on a recommendation from a fellow worker. I had a partial torn achilles with acute tendon-ties and could only walk a short distance without experiencing a fairly high degree of pain. I had previously seen a foot and ankle surgeon and he had recommended surgery with my leg being in a cast for around 2 months. Dr. Eidsvig used a procedure where he broke down the scar tissue over a period of about 10 visits and at the end of the process I had no pain in my ankle and was able to walk without any pain. I have to say that I have, on occasion, seen other chiropractors and found them lacking - maybe it was that I went to see Dr. Eidsvig with a very specific problem, but he addressed the issue, explained what he was going to do, explained what i could expect as an outcome, and he delivered."

Soccer and Dancer Athletes
Now at Peak Performance

"Dr. Eidsvig, is truly amazing. He is our 5th doctor to address our issues. My two teenage daughters (soccer player and dancer) were suffering from severe knee problems and back/hip pain for several years. Dr. Eidsvig worked on my soccer player's knees by breaking down the scar tissue that had accumulated over time. After only the first visit, she had more range of motion and flexibility than she's had in 4 years. He realigned my dancer's hips that were causing her back pain and lack of range of motion. After 4 visits, she is pain free and has her flexibility back. We are at least at 70% for my soccer player and she hasn't feel this good in a very long time. I cannot say enough about his practice and techniques. He's a super nice guy with a great staff. He is truly a must see if you need help that will work."

Treats the Source

"Dr. Eidsvig is not your typical chiropractor. He gets to the root of the problem (whether it's a muscle, nerve, or scar tissue). Never been to anyone like him! He and his staff really care about their patients. What a refreshing experience. I highly recommend him."

Listened to Me and Explained
the Cause of My Pain

"I had a wonderful experience here! Staff was super friendly and helpful to me. Dr. Eidsvig really took the time to listen carefully to my issue, explain the cause of my pain, and outline his treatment plan. I felt like he truly cared about solving the problem, not just selling me a ton of visits."

Understands Sports Injuries

"Dr. Eidsvig is a triathlete and frequent golfer and understands sports injuries better than any chiropractors and orthopedic doctors I've been to. He takes the time (even draws on a white board) to explain your injury and his plan of attack on how to get you better. I'm a cross-fit athlete and Dr. Eidsvig takes the time with me. He also has awesome technology (laser litecure, hyperbaric chamber, to name a few) to speed up my recovery and healing process! Most highly recommended!"

Fixes The Source of The Problem

"I have been to several doctors and physical therapists regarding lower back pain but Dr. Eidsvig is the first to address and fix it. I would highly recommend him."

Treats The Root of The Problem

"I have been to many chiropractors over the years, and Dr. Eidsvig is the best because he treats the source of the problem. Like someone said, he gets to the root of the problem in no time. He doesn't try to hook you into a bunch of visits... Just as few as will do the trick. Give him a try, even if you aren't into sports. I'm the opposite of active. Lol."

Avoided Surgery with Chronic
Knee Pain/Tendinitis

"I had chronic knee pain/tendinitis. An orthopedic knee specialist wanted to operate on me but i didn't agree, so I went to see Dr. Eidsvig. He listened to my issue and took the time to explain (in terms and examples I could understand) what was going on. After three visits Dr. Eidsvig released the scar tissue that had built up in my knee (which caused the pain), adjusted my alignment, and got me into custom running orthotics. I have never run marathons pain free until now. He doesn't aim to keep you coming back... He truly wants to fix the root cause and get you back healthy to where you don't need to see him again. I am amazed at the gadgets, creams, braces, and even operations other doctors try to set you up with while disregarding the root cause of the problem. Figuring out and simply treating the root cause is exactly what Dr. Eidsvig does. I have recommended 6 of my closest friends to Dr. Eidsvig and they are all amazed at how simple and effective he is. Thank you Dr. Eidsvig!"

Headaches Gone

"I was dealing with neck pain and headaches and when I woke up one morning with the worst neck pain ever I knew it was time to go in. Someone recommended Dr. Eidsvig to me and I am so glad she did. He has been amazing. I am still undergoing treatment but the change has been remarkable. I haven't had a headache since my first treatment and my neck pain is gone. I am also enjoying much better range of movement. Dr. Eidsvig is all about healing, not about keeping you dependent."

Lesli L.

"If you have athletes that are suffering from arm pain, knee pain, back pain etc., make an appointment with Dr. Eidsvig. This treatment has been blessing!"

James H.
My Heel Pain is Gone

"Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Eidsvig for a foot condition that was a result of surgery to correct a "deviated heel." I certainly wish I would've found Dr. Eidsvig sooner! I am convinced, had I been under his care sooner, it would have prevented the need for surgery. He painstakingly "scraped" the heel of my foot with his "special little tool" to no end. It took a lot of effort and strength on his part to meticulously break up the residual scar tissue.

Prior to being under his care; the surgery had left the heel of my foot extremely hard. Too much walking would cause pain. My ankle had also lost flexibility.

After a few visits, we started to see and feel a difference. We both were excited. Because of Dr. Eidsvig's tenacity and determination, we continued for a few more sessions. I am happy to say i am now pain free and can not only walk for miles but I have also returned to running! Now i walk around freely, without shoes, my heel is no longer hard, and the flexibility has been restored to my ankle.

Dr. Eidsvig has great beside manners; and never hesitates to share his knowledge with you. He always welcomes questions and committed to improving your health. I highly recommend Dr. Jeff Eidsvig consultation and hopefully a speedy recovery like mine. Thank you, Dr. Eidsvig for a job well-done! You're awesome!"

Bree M.
Serious Lower Back Pain Resolved

"I was recommended to see Dr. Eidsvig by a friend at the gym. I was having some serious lower back pain(10 out of 10). He is not they stereotypical chiropractor who just pops your back and sees you in a week. He is very detailed and explains it to where an elementary kid could understand it. I ending up needing microdiscectomy surgery, which he was able to refer me to another all star doctor, Dr. Dossett at the carrell clinic. Following surgery I went back to Dr. Eidsvig to break up the scar tissue, and was able to get full range of motion to play golf and workout again. The guy is truly awesome, and very knowledgeable. I am back to playing scratch golf and working out 4 days a week with zero pain. Also, the front office staff is very professional and very accommodating."

Robby F.
Healed with No Surgery

"II was referred by a friend to Dr. Jeff Eidsvig for my 13 year old daughter who was suffering from what the physical therapist and orthopedic surgeon said was a "tear in her shoulder that needed surgery". After months and months of pt, we decided to give Dr. Jeff Eidsvig a try as a last result. He had my daughter healed in 5 visits! She say s she hasn't felt this good since before the injury. I cannot say enough positive things about jeff and all his staff! I feel eternally grateful for relieving all the pain my daughter has been through! Thankful."

Toni C.