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Improving Lives & Performance
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  • Eidsvig Episodes Overview
  • Deep Gluteal Syndrome
  • Internal Disc Derangement
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Runner's And Jumper's Knee
  • Top 3 Shoulder Conditions
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Inner Elbow Pain
  • Hip Flexor Injury
  • Achilles Tendon Injuries
  • Tension And Sinus Headaches
Eidsvig Episodes Overview

The Eidsvig Episodes Health & Fitness Podcast by Dr. Jeff Eidsvig, is specifically designed to bring you the listener the latest, cutting edge health & fitness information as well as bringing interviews with individuals and athletes from all levels. Dr. Jeff Eidsvig, is a soft tissue sports therapy specialist. He has been practicing for more than 14 years in the health & fitness industry and has had the pleasure to work and mentor alongside some of the top anesthesiologist, pain management physicians, chiropractors, and PTs. Today, he is really excited to offer his years of experience and knowledge acquired and bring it to you in a Podcast that will provide you answers and solutions to get to the source of your health and fitness issues. Not only is he a doctor, he is also an athlete who has competed around the world at some of the toughest endurance races on the planet.

Dr. Jeff Eidsvig / EE001
Deep Gluteal Syndrome

"We're discussing Deep Gluteal Syndrome a muscle and nerve condition that 75% of most surgeons and doctors misdiagnose every single day. Join me today and let's it dive into how Deep Gluteal Syndrome can impact your health and sports performance."

Dr. Jeff Eidsvig / EE002
Internal Disc Derangement

"Internal Disc Derangement: What exactly is a "Crick" In Your Neck, Or When You Throw Your Lower Back Out? In this week's episode, we're discussing the most prevalent spinal disc injury I see in my private practice over the last 14 years relating to our neck and lower backs. Today we're going to dive into the underlying causes of this condition, how we diagnose these disc injuries, and how to properly treat with clinically proven techniques to stop the condition from worsening and reoccurring."

Dr. Jeff Eidsvig / EE003
Tennis Elbow

"How To Fully Resolve Tennis Elbow. Ever wonder why your Tennis Elbow condition just won't fully go away? In this week's show, we're discussing the root causes of this condition, and how to effectively address it with the proper treatment and strengthening."

Dr. Jeff Eidsvig / EE004
Runner's And Jumper's Knee

"The Underlying Sources Of Runner's And Jumper's Knee. Ever wonder why all of a sudden your knees become painful after workouts or playing sports? This week we are discussing Runner's or Jumper's Knee, one of the most prevalent knee conditions on the planet We will be getting down to the underlying sources, how to properly test yourself or your patients, and how to effectively resolve this condition with the right treatment and preventative measures!"

Dr. Jeff Eidsvig / EE005
The Top 3 Shoulder Conditions

"The Top 3 Shoulder Conditions That Impact Your Health And Sports Performance. In this week's show we're discussing the top 3 shoulder conditions that can impact your health and sports performance. We will be discussing how to properly diagnose and treat common shoulder conditions such as Rotator Cuff Strain/Sprains, Frozen Shoulder, And Labrum Tears."

Dr. Jeff Eidsvig / EE006
Plantar Fasciitis

"Plantar Fasciitis: More Than Just Foot Pain. In this week's show were discussing the most common foot condition on the planet! In fact, 1 in 10 people worldwide suffer everyday with this type of pain and discomfort. We are going to provide you with answers on how to effectively eliminate this condition for good!"

Dr. Jeff Eidsvig / EE007
Inner Elbow Pain

"Getting To The Root Cause Of Inner Elbow Pain (Golfer's/Pitcher's Elbow). In today's episode we're discussing a very common injury or condition that is sidelining more and more professional to young athletes each year. Inner Elbow pain (Golfer's/Pitcher's Elbow) has been a condition that I have had tremendous success with resolving for thousands or patients, and this week we're diving into the way I resolve this condition and improve your performance as well."

Dr. Jeff Eidsvig / EE008
Hip Flexor Injury

"Hip Flexor Injury: A Leading Cause Of Lower Back And Hip Pain. Ever wonder why your lower back or hip pain just will not go away? In this week's show we're discussing how underling hip flexor injuries are a leading cause to a majority of lower back and hip conditions. We will be diving into the details of what the Hip Flexor muscles do for you, as well as how they impact your lower back and hip health and athletic performance."

Dr. Jeff Eidsvig / EE009
Achilles Tendon Injuries

"The Top 3 Most Common Achilles Tendon Injuries. In this week's show we're diving into the details about 3 of the most common Achilles Tendon injuries I see in my private practice. We will be going over how you can properly assess yourself and what are the best overall treatments for these 3 Achilles Tendon injuries were discussing this week."

Dr. Jeff Eidsvig / EE010
Tension And Sinus Headaches

"The Difference Between Tension And Sinus Headaches, Product Review: Athletic Greens. Ever wonder whether you're having a Tension or a Sinus Headache? Well, on this week's show we're discussing how you can differentiate between the two and properly test yourself and receive the proper treatment to resolve these two types of headaches. Bonus: were reviewing one of my favorite performance/health supplements on the market: Athletic Greens."

Dr. Jeff Eidsvig / EE011
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