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Improving Lives & Performance
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Integrative Dry Needling

Dr. Eidsvig infuses dry needling therapy with integrative diagnosis to get athletes better results than most doctors/therapists. Incorporating integrative dry needling (IDN) into the wider care plans of patients with common musculoskeletal issues such as shoulder, heel, hip, back pain to enhancing performance. Athletes recover faster and continue to train at a higher level.

IDN for Faster Recovery

Regular integrative dry needling as a “maintenance” factor improves recovery and regeneration from the damage.

How often are treatments?

Integrative dry needling procedures can be repeated in subsequent sessions until complete healing is achieved.

IDN Increase Endurance

Integrative dry needling Increases the efficiency of energy consumption and will therefore increase the endurance.

Is IDN safe?

Integrative dry needling treatments are safe and simplifying treatment for pain management and trauma rehabilitation.

Athletes utilize IDN

Integrative dry needling enhances athletic performance safely and accelerates recovery after intensive workouts.

Injuries and Surgeries

Integrative dry needling speeds trauma rehabilitation after injuries or surgeries and improves physical performance.

The ultimate purpose of integrative dry needling

To integrate physiological systems to achieve homeostasis for better body fitness. This integration is achieved by normalizing tissue dysfunction caused by local or systemic pathology. Dr. Eidsvig can treat low-back pain, lumbar muscles, gluteal muscles, hamstring muscles, calf muscles, hip flexor muscles, abdominal muscles, iliotibial band, pectoral muscles, and even neck muscles in the same session – almost anywhere a hard, irritable knot, known as a trigger point, can be found in a muscle.

Listen to Award-winning broadcast journalist Dr. Max Gomez, Growing ‘Dry Needling’ Trend Claims To Ease Pain And Prevent Injuries | CBS 2

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Integrative Diagnosis

Integrative Diagnosis is a state-of-the-art soft tissue technique that provides an accurate diagnosis, based on the patient's history, a functional evaluation, and soft tissue health/pathology.

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